E-Z-O antennas


It's natural to discount innovations. People are skeptical. If something new has real value, how could we have gotten along without it for so long? My grandfather wondered about that with indoor plumbing!

This is from a local club member who helped me tune in 20-meters:

I had the distinct privilege of being the first to have QSO on the new EZO antenna. We had been working to adjust the front to back ratio on the two elements that have been installed. ...

... When comparing the two antennas with strong signals, we saw an S-unit higher reading with the Yagi. However, with weak signals we could hear and copy stations clearly with the EZO that were completely inaudible with the Yagi. In these cases the meter also showed a higher reading with the Yagi, but I noticed that the meter was actually measuring noise, not signal. My contact was with VE6 station in Calgary. I gave them 9 over they gave me a 5-7. The really exciting thing is that the EZO still wasn't perfectly tuned, and that we were comparing a 2-element EZO to the club's 3-elelement tri-band Yagi. We still haven’t installed the director yet. These fantastic results and we still have another element to install.

Chuck Stark, W8CCS

Here is another club member telling of his initial experience with the E-Z-O antenna.

In early February I had occasion to use the antennas to call CQ. I had two QSOs with hams in Florida. These hams welcomed the chance to contrast the EZO Antenna with the W8ZHO's Yagi. I was operating barefoot and able to switch antennas between the Yagi and the EZO.

For these QSOs into Florida the EZO antenna was clearly superior. Hands down it was providing armchair copy with these hams. And the hams gave signal reports of 59 on the EZO and 55 on the Yagi. There was clearly a distinct advantage to the EZO antenna.

I am looking forward to the upcoming ARRL International DX Contest. I expect that we will be able to put this antenna to a more thorough test. I'm confident that the EZO Antenna will prove to be a wonderful asset. It helps make our time on the radio more productive and enjoyable.

Bill, NA8M

Please check back because hams who try this antenna will surely endorse it enthusiastically.